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Best NFT Marketplaces for NFT Artists

Are you an artist, graphic designer or just someone interested in getting into NFT art? NFT stands for non-fungible token. These are non-interchangeable tokens of data that are integrated/stored on the blockchain. An NFT can represent nearly anything-including art.

NFTs have recently become very popular with crypto enthusiasts and the general public alike due to the proliferation of digital custom-collectibles, cryptocurrency, and decentralized finance. Celebrity endorsements have further led to a surge in their prices, whereas the introduction of NFTs in mainstream circles has led to the launch of new and innovative projects, most popularly the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Best NFT Marketplaces for Artists in 2022

1. Nifty Gateway: Our top pick

Best NFT marketplace for artists nifty gateweay

Since its inception in 2018, Nifty Gateway has become one of the leading NFT marketplaces in the world. Nifty Gateway deals in a diverse range of NFTs without keeping itself restricted to anyone.

You can find the choicest collection of NFTs on their page, which are perfect for anyone looking for NFTs with serious investment potential. Selling your NFTs can also be very lucrative here.

Nifty Gateway wins the debate over other NFT platforms for the best NFT marketplace. One of the most pressing problems in the cryptocurrency and NFT business is the question of legitimacy. There have been numerous instances where buyers have been robbed and swindled out of their money over fake NFTs. Nifty Gateway helps eliminate this problem by hand-picking each and every NFT on their page.

The NFT art is checked for authenticity, verified, and converted to ‘drops.’ Only then is it put on display for buyers to see. The verification mark is present on all such NFTs and helps remove distrust and the stigma of illegitimacy. 

Customers can buy and sell online without worrying about anyone cheating them. All the transactions are secured and made safe to ensure that no loss occurs on either side of the deal. Nifty Gateway uses the Ethereum) blockchain, which is one of the safest blockchains to date. Hackers, malicious software, and third parties are kept at bay, allowing you to safely carry out all your transactions.

What are the best NFT marketplaces for artists?

The beauty of the NFT world is that anyone with an artistic disposition can make money here. All you have to do is come up with an attractive concept, create your art, and use any online or downloadable converter to turn your designs into NFTs. Having a massive social following is important, too 

However, even if you have created a masterpiece, you must know the best places to sell and trade your merchandise. 

Let’s take a look at the best NFT marketplaces for artists. 

2. OpenSea

Best NFT marketplace for artists
OpenSea – Best NFT marketplace for artists

OpenSea is currently the largest NFT marketplace in the world. Featuring over 10,000 projects, OpenSea allows traders to buy and sell all sorts of NFTs. You can find almost everything from blockchain-based game items, such as CryptoKitties and Axies, to collectibles, like BAYC NFTs and Crypto Punks.

The platform is ideal for most NFT artists since it allows them to sell their projects at fixed prices, declining prices, or even organize virtual auctions.

3. Rarible

rarible Best NFT marketplace for artists

Rarible is a popular community-owned NFT marketplace. The best thing about trading your NFTs on Rarible is that they award active users with the ‘RARI’ token.

The RARI token is a unique token that allows you to become a governing member of Rarible, with 75,000 RARI tokens distributed daily! Rarible features NFTs even in less popular formats, namely photography, games, art, and music.

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4. SuperRare

superrarw Best NFT marketplace for artists

SuperRare is popular among NFT enthusiasts because it prefers to deal with single edition NFTs. Each NFT on SuperRare is a crypto-collectible and has blockchain tracking protection. The user interface that SuperRare offers is widely appreciated – a friendly service similar to Instagram! 

5. Foundation

foundation Best NFT marketplace for artists

Foundation is determined to bring artists, cryptocurrency, and art collectors into one place. Foundation is primarily known for its large art NFTs business. All NFT artists are attracted to Foundation due to its preference for art-based collectibles. Foundation also promises a 10% cut to the original creators from the resale of NFTs you have already sold!

6. AtomicMarket

atomic market Best NFT marketplace for artists

AtomicMarket is a shared-liquidity NFT platform shared and collaborated on by multiple websites. This means that you can get the most out of your experience at AtomicMarket through the synergistic publicity offered by all these websites using one platform. You can even get verification marks on your NFTs, allowing you to sell safely by keeping malicious software at bay.


Best NFT marketplace for artists is one of the topmost NFT marketplaces today. This website is highly curated and feels like a deep dive into the world of NFTs. You can find all kinds of digital collectibles here complete with their NFT versions. According to Marca, is hailed as the overall best NFT marketplace globally for sports-related NFTs, such as NBA Top Shots and Soccer player cards.

8. Binance

Binance is considered the ultimate destination for NFTs and other digital collectibles. Many new users are hesitant to pay the transaction fees charged by most NFT platforms. Binance helps remove that problem by charging very low fees, which is why it is considered ideal for beginners.

If you are a relatively new NFT artist and wish to keep your business cost as low as possible, Binance is a good choice.

Why Do These Markets Work So Well?

Consumer reviews and discussion boards frequently cite the above-mentioned platforms as the best marketplaces for trading NFT art for many reasons. For instance, OpenSea is unanimously regarded as the best global NFT platform because it attracts the highest number of visitors and caters to the needs of a large number of users. You can sign up for free at and browse NFTs if you are there to buy.

OpenSea also offers all the required tools and software to create or ‘mint’ the NFTs you have won, enabling quick selling and easy purchases. Every seller needs a good place to sell their art, a de facto town square, and OpenSea satisfies those needs to a large extent.

In contrast, Rarible and SuperRare are very popular among newer NFT artists since they have a friendly user policy and allow easy buying and selling. Many artists also prefer dealing via secondary sellers like Rarible and SuperRare due to their more ‘real-world art’ interface. You can also have more financial leeway here by setting your secondary-sale commissions up to 50%, as compared to OpenSea’s 10%. 

Foundation is a relatively new NFT dealer but at the same time, it is regarded as one of the safest platforms available. New users feel ill at ease conducting business on a site that has complete and unconditional custody of their products. 

Foundation never takes over any NFTs traded on the platform, and they remain in full custody of the creator at all times. You may buy and sell at your convenience and settle your deal with the other party directly.

AtomicMarket is also one of the leading platforms in the NFT business since it relies on the blockchain configuration that crypto enthusiasts are familiar with. 

Similar to Binance, AtomicMarket charges low transaction fees, enabling new NFT artists to successfully profit from their art., on the other hand, is popular for its simplicity and transparency, and the fact that it allows buying, selling, trading, minting, and auctioning of NFTs on a single platform!

Last but not the least, Nifty Gateway is one of the most reliable NFT marketplaces in the world. All the NFTs are hand-picked, checked, and verified to ensure that none of the collectibles are fake or copies. You can spend your money without fear of being robbed or buying unauthentic NFTs. 

NFTs have disrupted the digital world, shaping the future of industries from art to collectibles to gaming. Ten years ago, teenagers wanted dart guns on their birthdays. Today, they want celebrity NFTs!

Every NFT artist has different areas of expertise and expects a user-friendly policy and support from the marketplace they decide to work with. To help you determine which NFT marketplace suits your needs the best, here are the top 5 choices listed down for you.

  • – Easy, effortless, and quick
  • OpenSea – Offers the highest online traffic with the highest number of potential buyers to sell your NFTs to
  • Rarible – Friendly and financially lenient
  • SuperRare – Safe and authentic
  • Nifty Gateway – Offers a diverse collection of hand-picked and verified NFTs


Despite the fact that the NFT market had a bumpy start this year, reports from Chainalysis reveal that the activity in Q1 2022 improved considerably than in Q1, 2021. As of May 9, more than $37 billion from the crypto wallets have been transferred to the NFT marketplaces in 2022 alone. These figures are proof that NFT is here to stay and will only grow over time.

If you are waiting for the right opportunity, you shouldn’t hold any longer and jump in while the prices are still low. As far as the question of selecting a marketplace is concerned, you should always prefer high-traffic platforms to ensure a wider audience exposure for your project. Many other factors, like the gas fees, the nature of your art, targeted audience, etc., also determine the right marketplace for you. So, make sure to do your own research before making your final decision.

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