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15 top NFTs with Utility Projects with Potential (June 2022)

NFTs exploded onto the scene in 2021, quickly racking up huge sales numbers and a place in popular culture. A report by Fortune suggests that the total value of all NFT transactions worldwide surged a whopping 21,350% in 2021 to reach $17B worldwide.

Spurred by the incredible growth of the NFT market, many people want to jump on the bandwagon and profit from this opportunity. However, with so many NFT projects being launched every day, it is becoming harder to find a true gem.

Existing NFT projects are always safer and more profitable investments, but the floor price is so high that buying them is out of reach for newcomers.

So, how can a novice with a limited budget profit from the ongoing NFT craze? The key is to look for undervalued NFT utility projects that are still unknown to the majority. NFT projects with utility typically have a brighter future than NFTs that are only collectibles.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best NFT utility projects available in the second quarter of 2022. We anticipate that bigger things will happen in the near future for all of these projects.

If you’re an NFT creator, you probably want to read my post where I explained 9 clever ways to add utility to your NFTs.

What is the top NFT with utility to buy in 2022?

#1 Top NFT with utility: Degen Toonz

best nft to buy degen toonz

Degen Toonz is one of the most widely discussed emerging projects in the NFT space right now.

Degen Toonz pays homage to our childhood favorite Looney Tunes with a badass gangster spinoff. It is a collection of exactly 8888 NFTs, each of which is unique in its way. The rarity of the character is determined by its distinguishing features, such as eyes, facial expressions, clothes, etc.

Buying one of these NFTs allows you exclusive rights to Degen merchandise, entry to VIP discord servers, rewards in ETH, airdrops, and much more. Holding these NFTs is more beneficial as you get access to Degen metaverse and DAO voting.

As a testimony to the hard work done by the creators, Prince Lail and Bader Asad, the entire collection of 8888 NFTs is already sold out. However, you can still find some up for sale on secondary markets such as OpenSea

Twitter: @DegenToonz

Discord: Degen Toonz Server

#2 Top NFT with utility: Cereal Club NFT

Developed by CCDeployer, Cereal Club is a collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated unique characters. According to the official site, they are all sold out. Much like Degen Toonz, this NFT project is also community-driven. Every NFT is a cereal bowl impersonated as a human being. Unique features include the type of cereals, shape of bowl/head, clothes, facial wear, etc. The combination of these features drives the price of each piece.

Cereal Club has integrated some original concepts, like cross-pollination, into the project. Purchasing one of these NFTs on OpenSea earns you the exclusive membership to Cereal Club Munchers. Founders have also promised some exciting stuff, such as CC Cereals, for Q3 2022. 

Twitter: @cerealclubnft

Discord: Cereal Club Server

Instagram: @cerealclubio

#3 Top NFT with utility: Women Rise

best nft to buy women rise

Women Rise is one of those NFT projects that stand for a cause and intend to do some good in the world. In an industry where women’s participation is minimal, Women Rise NFTs aspire to represent women’s power across borders.

The project is composed of 10,000 beautiful women characters from different cultures and regions across the globe. All the unique traits are hand-drawn by a globally acclaimed Pakistani American artist, Maliha Abidi.

The Women Rise has successfully sold 100% of the NFTs, completing the Roadmap 1.0. You can still buy them on secondary marketplaces (OpenSea and Rarible) and join the community on the journey. 

Twitter: @WomenriseNFT

Discord: Women Rise Server

Instagram: @womenrisenft

#4 Top NFT with utility: DeGods

best nft to buy degods

The next contender on our best NFT utility project list is DeGods, an NFT project based on the Solana blockchain. This unique project quickly caught the eye of investors and has created quite a buzz in the crypto space.

The goal of the DeGods team is to launch the DUST token on different marketplaces. It will provide utility to these NFTs. According to the official roadmap, they will soon create an ecosystem to trade Solana-based NFT using $DUST. The project will also be integrated into different P2E games and metaverses. You can stake your DeGods to earn $DUST.

DeGods NFTs are currently available on Solanart, Magic Eden, and OpenSea with a floor price of 315 SOL. The current traded volume on OpenSea for these NFTs is 402.3k SOL, roughly equal to $35.4 million. 

Twitter: DeGodsNFT

Discord: DeDAO Server

Instagram: @thedegods 

#5 Top NFT with utility: Doodles

Doodles is a series of 10,000 different NFTs created using hundreds of hand-drawn traits. Designed by Burnt Toast, these traits include everything from costumes to background.

The project gained more popularity after the launch of Space Doodles, which is another series in NFTs. It is a collection of spaceships for Doodles generated using 200 different audio-visual characters. Each spaceship has a different competence for every Doodle.

Buying a Doodles NFT will enable you to vote on matters concerning the project’s future. The buyers will also have a say in spending the treasury, the Doodlebank. You can purchase Doodles on OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and Look Srare. However, Space Doodles are available on OpenSea only. The floor price for Doodles is around 15.4 ETH on each of these marketplaces. 

Twitter: @doodles

Discord: doodles Server

#6 Top NFT with utility: Flyfish Club

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Flyfish Club has to be one of the most unique concepts we have come across so far. When you buy a Flyfish NFT, you’re rewarded with a membership to a private 10,000+ sq. ft. dining room in NYC. The good thing about this NFT-backed membership is that you can resell it at any time.

FFC provides two different memberships: Flyfish (FF) and Flyfish Omakase (FFO). The original cost for FF is 2.5 ETH, and a total of 2650 membership tokens are available. Whereas FFO costs around 4.25 ETH and just 385 of those tokens are out there. 

Though both NFTs have been completely sold out on the official site, you can still buy them from OpenSea and other secondary marketplaces.

#7 Top NFT with utility: Metaverse Real Estate

Although this NFT trend is already pretty popular, we can’t leave it out of any best NFT utility projects list. You can still find many undervalued NFT real estate pieces in the metaverse, such as Decentraland and The Sandbox. The beauty of these NFTs is the choices you have when it comes to utility.

Just like a real-life piece of land, you can develop them however you like and even rent them out. Similarly, the price also varies. 

#8 Top NFT with utility: Zed Run

best nft to buy zed run

Zed Run has successfully integrated intense horse racing sports into the NFT technology. It’s a well-established project, but you can still get into it with high-profit margins. The only concern we have is that there is no fixed number of Zed Run NFTs that can be minted.

It’s up to you if you want just to trade these NFTs or play the game to earn some extra bucks. In both cases, you can purchase Zed Run NFTs from OpenSea, where the floor price is currently around 0.004 ETH. You also have the option to breed your horse NFT within the game. 

Twitter: @zed_run


Discord: Zed Run Server

#9 Top NFT with utility:

Focused on sports, entertainment, and culture, was co-founded by the American football star Tom Brady. Other athletes representing this NFT project with utility are Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Naomi Woods, and more. Several NFT drops, and records are available to purchase at the official webpage. It’s still in the early stages, and it will be interesting to see what it has to offer in the future.

Twitter: @Autograph


Discord: Autograph Server

#10 Top NFT with utility: Treeverse

Treeverse is a play-to-earn, open world, sci-fi, and NFT-based MMORPG where you combat with other players in the MOBA format. However, they haven’t launched the site yet. You can still follow their development progress through the monthly updates page. Treeverse consistently makes it to the top 100 NFT purchases on OpenSea. 

You get different options when you decide to invest in this game project. You can purchase Founder’s Plots, Timeless Characters, and much more. 

Twitter: @TheTreeverse 

Discord: The Treeverse Server

#11 Top NFT with utility: Keys to Metaverse

keys to metaverse nft utility

Keys to Metaverse is another popular choice for NFT projects with the utility to invest in. The team is working on an original concept that gives these keys unique utility features, such as cross-chain bridges, API layer, access to exclusive music, etc. Founders of the project believe that ‘Keys’ will become an integral part of different blockchain applications, games, and metaverses. You can get your key from OpenSea and NFTrade

Twitter: @keys2metaverse

Instagram: @keys2metaverse

#12 Top NFT with utility: Crypto Baristas

Crypto Barista is a series of collections of caffeine-loving characters based in New York. The project is working in the coffee industry to establish an award-winning brand. The team wishes to partner up with the coffee farms and producers. It is focused on environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

You can buy and bid on Season 1 characters on Rarible. The team will launch Season 2 in June 2022 with a bunch of new characters and then open the actual cafe within a month after that. 

Twitter: @cryptobaristas

Discord: Crypto Baristas Server

#13 Top NFT with utility: Azuki

Azuki is a collection of 10,000 avatars, and buying one will give you access to The Garden. As per the founders, Azuki is “skating between the blurred lines of the physical and digital worlds as they are beginning to blend.” They are working to partner with other projects to launch streetwear collabs, live events, and more NFT drops. Buy Azuki NFTs on OpenSea to become part of this journey.

Twitter: @AzukiOfficial

Instagram: @azuki

Discord: Azuki Server

#14 Top NFT with utility: Invisible Friends

best nft to buy early invisible friends

Launched in February of 2020, Invisible Friends is a set of 5,000 invisible characters that are walking. Created by the animator Markus Magnusson, the design of these characters is among the most visually-appealing NFTs in the market. The project has already gained a massive following on social media. NFTs are on sale on OpenSea with a floor price of 4.4 ETH.

Twitter: @InvsbleFriends

Instagram: @invisiblefriends_io

#15 Top NFT with utility: Lazy Lions

best nft to buy lazy lions

Lazy Lions is a web 3.0 project with a collection of 10,000 NFTs that can be integrated into the metaverse. All NFTs are generated through AI using 160 different unique traits. Each of these consists of 10,000 pixels, giving buyers an exceptionally high quality on-screen and prints.

Since the launch, the project has attracted 143k Discord members and 5105 Lion holders. You can become part of this massive community by purchasing a Lazy Lion NFT on the OpenSea marketplace.  

Twitter: @LazyLionsNFT

Instagram: @lazylionsnft

Discord: Lazy Lions Server


It is not easy to determine which of the top NFTs with utility will be profitable in the future. You are right on track in finding out the top NFT with utility on this blog.

The next step is to research what a specific NFT project offers to the industry. Social media popularity is also a good metric for getting an idea. Moreover, a company’s roadmap often gives investors a good idea of where the project is headed.

Despite everything, one thing is certain: not all NFTs are going to succeed. Some may rise to the spotlight and gain popularity, but many may never succeed. That’s why NFTs are considered a risky investment. We recommend you always consult with a professional financial consultant before making any investment decisions.

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