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Mech NFT Review

The Mech Universe ( Mech NFT ) game is a tactical PC-based third-person shooting simulator that combines elements of collectible card games and real-time strategy games while implementing exciting gameplay around entering tanks on the battlefield.

The Mech NFT gameplay is both exciting and captivating, but this isn’t what makes the project stand out. No, what makes it unique is its innovative use of blockchain technology. Mech NFT allows you to control a 3D robot by means of real-world movements. It is equipped with an infrared camera and motion sensors which allow your robot to be controlled using your hands — as if you were holding a controller shaped like a robot itself. In other words, you can control the 3D robot through gestures.

In this review, we’ll look at the new Mech NFTs and what that can mean. We’ll walk through some of the product’s key features and then give you our final thoughts on whether or not it’s worth investing in.

What are Mech NFTs?

Mech NFT is a new game that can be played on the Ethereum mainnet. It is currently in beta and players have the opportunity to earn test-net tokens by participating in the community.

Mech NFT is a mech battle game that uses unique gameplay features where players can challenge other players’ mechs to battle through smart contracts, with their own Mech NFTs as their weapon of choice.

This unique game allows players to use their own Mechs as the characters in battle. Players can also collect other players’ Mechs and combine them into one single powerful mech that they can then use in battles against other players. The gameplay of Mech NFT is similar to the popular game, Pokemon GO, where players have to find different creatures on a map and then battle with them using their own creatures.

Difference between Mech NFTs and traditional games

Traditional games have been at the forefront of blockchain adoption, with Gods Unchained, Cryptokitties, and Splinterlands paving the way for others. These titles are interesting because they can be played on any device that has an Internet connection and a browser (or a smartphone app) and play just like any other game you’ve played before. However, there are several differences between these games and those you might find in your local mall:

Firstly, players don’t need to buy anything upfront or pay for their initial investment in the game. Instead of paying with fiat currency like dollars or euros, players purchase tokens using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), or even NFTs from other games.

The virtual goods sold within these digital worlds are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which means each token has its own unique ID number assigned by the developers. You trade these tokens on the blockchain, and their value can fluctuate just like any other cryptocurrency. As you can imagine, this creates a whole new world of possibilities for gamers and developers alike.

Mech NFT gameplay

Mech NFT is an online mech-themed battle royale game where you have the option of battling other players in 1v1 battles or teaming up with your friends to play in 5v5 matches against other players. The game itself takes place in an open world where you can explore and fight other players’ mechs.

In this game, you can choose between one of four different classes: Ranger, Breacher, Mechanic, and Tanker. Each class has its own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. So, it’s important to decide which class fits your play style best before diving into combat. Players can use their own custom mechs, which are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain.

It takes place on the Ethereum mainnet and has a built-in TEFI yield system. The way it works is that you can earn rewards for playing the game, for building new infrastructure, for inviting friends to play, or by participating in marketing campaigns. You can also earn money from other players by buying resources from them with your Ether or tokens earned from the game.

There are plans to roll out a gameplay feature where users will be able to borrow mechs from friends of theirs in order to battle with other players’ mechs.

“The game will also offer a unique gameplay feature where users will be able to borrow mechs from friends of theirs in order to battle with other players’ mechs. The feature, which is currently being developed, has not been officially announced but was shown off in a closed beta test at E3 2019. It’s expected that this feature will be available later this year.”

This news is sure to excite fans of Mech NFT who want an opportunity to earn major rewards while battling against their friends or random opponents online. Mech NFT provides an entirely new gameplay experience that will keep you coming back again and again.

The gameplay is simple enough for anyone new to gaming to understand but also has enough depth for experienced gamers as well. The tutorial provides excellent information about each part of the interface so even newcomers will feel comfortable playing after their first match or two. However, if you want something more advanced then check out some videos on YouTube where top players like Zerolight show off some cool strategies that are specific for certain situations or maps (like moving around faster than normal).

The game will launch with one main world, which will be called The Armory. This is where players can customize their mechs and battle in real-world stakes against other players! However, it is also possible to create your own custom worlds within the game using different themes and styles.

Buying Mech NFTs

As usual, I do not give financial advice but only research these projects and state what I think about them. If you’re looking for a project that is bound to be successful, take a look at Mech NFT. This project has already attracted some of the biggest investors in the industry.

Some of these investors include A16Z, Paradigm, Alameda Research, Dragonfly Capital, Blockchain VC Fund, CMS Holdings, Electric Capital, Arrington XRP Capital, and more.

Although the game is currently still in beta (as of the time of publishing this review), you can register at for access.

How to get Mech NFT early access

To get Mech NFT early access, you will need to be an ETH holder and have a wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. You will also need to know your public address (or private key) where MECH can be sent. If you are not an ETH holder, we recommend that you buy some with Coinbase or another exchange of your choice.

Once you have your ETH, we recommend that you create a wallet where you can store your tokens. MyEtherWallet is an easy-to-use option for this purpose.

Once you have your wallet, and decided how many tokens you want to buy, enter this amount into the “Amount of ETH” field, and you’re ready to buy MECH tokens. The next step is to visit the Mech NFT website and click on the “Buy Now” button to send your ETH payment. This will take you to a page where you can enter your public address (or private key) and see how much ETH is needed to purchase a certain amount of MECH tokens.

Your MECH tokens will be sent to your wallet address once your payment has been confirmed on the blockchain.

Mech citizenship: Benefits of owning Mech land

There are many benefits to owning Mech land. First, you can build your own Mech on the land and customize it however you like. You can also sell your mech for profit if you want to move on to a new one or want to make money from selling it.

Second, if you have more than one Mech NFT that has been upgraded, then your customized and upgraded Mech NFT will be able to challenge other players’ customizations in battles with real-world stakes!

Thirdly, suppose there is a specific part of another player’s Mech NFT that you would like added to your own customization (such as additional weapons). In that case, this option is also available through borrowing their mechs for battle.

Finally, you stand to earn many rewards by playing these games, including earning badges that unlock new abilities within the game itself.

How to Buy Mech Master (MECH): Step-by-step guide

If you want to get started with Mech Master, here’s how:

[Step 1] Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

[Step 2] Sign up, then create an account. You’ll need to enter a valid email address and provide a password, username, and birthdate—which will be used to verify your age when you make a purchase in-app.

[Step 3] Go to “Buy MECH” within the app and click on “Buy Now”.

[Step 4] Select “ETH” as your payment option; then select how many tokens you’d like to buy by entering an amount into the box provided (in ETH). For example: If you’re purchasing 100 Mech Master tokens at 0.05 ETH per unit, enter 50000 into this box (50000 x 0.05 = 25000 ETH). Once finished making your purchase, hit “Pay with Ether” at checkout; then confirm your transaction details before sending it off for processing.


Mech NFT is a very different kind of strategy game. It is a solid project with an interesting and fully working idea. However, to judge this project you need to look at the following key questions: do they have enough experience, are they able to gather the audience and make the project popular enough so that there will be sustainable cashflow? So far, with the information we got about Mech NFT it seems like it has a decent chance of succeeding.

Indeed, it is not usual to see a game in which the player must create tools for the soldiers and fight with these tools instead of directly controlling the soldiers. Finally, this game has the potential to be very successful because it is original, creative, and fun. The gameplay works well, offers a lot of challenges and even if it takes time to get used to the idea at first, in the end, players will be addicted quickly.

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