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15 most expensive Cyberpunk NFTs ever sold [2022 list]

 most expensive nft cryptopunk ever sold

The CyberPunk NFT is a unique collection of 10,000 crypto art characters with proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. No two CyberPunk NFTs are the same. Which is the most expensive CyberPunk NFT ever sold?

During their launch in June 2017, anybody with an Ethereum wallet could claim a CyberPunk NFT for free. All 10000 have since been claimed. If you’d like to own one now, you have to buy them from an NFT marketplace like OpenSea. 

There have been some punks that have fetched a good penny recently. Here is a list of the 15 most expensive CyberPunk NFTs ever sold.

(Note that the Ether (ETH)/$ value is commensurate with the time of sale and is not the current value.)

What is the most expensive CryptoPunk NFT ever sold?

1. CryptoPunk #5822 — $23.7m

 what is the most expensive cryptopunk

Cryptopunk 5822 is one of 9 alien punks in the CyberPunk collection. Hence one of the rarest in the CryptoPunk collection. On February 12 2022,Deepak Thapliyal, Chain’s CEO, bought it for 8,000 ETH, $23.7 million. It makes it the most expensive CyberPunk NFT ever sold.

Deepak pulled the deal through Compound Finance, which is an online marketplace where crypto investors can lend or borrow cryptocurrencies.

2. CryptoPunk #7523 — $11.75 Million

Masked Alien CryptoPunk 7523 is one of the nine alien Cryptopunks, and the only one with a mask. This attribute is what drove its price to such a high value. In June 2021, it sold for $11.75 million through Sotheby’s auction house. 

It was bought by Shalom Mackenzie, the largest shareholder of DraftKings, a popular daily fantasy and sports betting company. On October 29th, 2021, there was an anonymous bid of 20.4K ETH – $87.64 million made on the CryptoPunk 7523. However, it was later withdrawn. This hinted at the price that rare CryptoPunk prices might reach in the future.

3. CryptoPunk #4156 — $10.26m

 what is the most expensive cryptopunk ever sold

CryptoPunk 4156 is one of 24 Ape punks. It sold for $10.26 million, 2500 ETH, qualifying it as one of the most expensive Cyberpunk NFT ever sold on the Larva Lab’s native CryptoPunk marketplace. It was sold by @punk4156 who had paid 650 ETH for it on Feb 18, 2021 to address 0x4c1194386e121566b79d1f1dac9ef282348f04f3.

4. CryptoPunk #5577— $7.7 M

cryptopunk5577 what is the most expensive cryptopunk

This CryptoPunk is one of 24 Ape punks with a cowboy hat, and it sold for $7.7 million. It is believed it was bought by Robert Leshner, founder of Compound DeFi protocol. At the time of purchase, he tweeted “Yeehaw” an expression of exuberance associated with cowboys which many believe was him celebrating the buy. He did not make a confirmation about making the purchase, but all evidence seems he did.

5. CryptoPunk #3100— $7.67 Million

cryptopunk3100 what is the most expensive cryptopunk

CryptoPunk 3100 is another one of only 9 alien CryptoPunks. It dons a blue and white headband and was bought for $7.67 million in March 2021. Before that, it had sold for only $2,127 in July 2017.

In late November 2021, the owner set to sell the NFT for 35000 ETH about $91 million. A buyer has still not been found. If the sale goes through, it will be the most expensive Cyberpunk NFT ever sold. 

6. CryptoPunk #7804— $7.56 million

cryptopunk7804 what is the most expensive cryptopunk

CryptoPunk 7804 is a dapper alien (1 out of the 9 in the CyberPunk collection) smoking a pipe and wearing a hat. It was the most expensive CyberPunk NFT ever sold at the time in March 2021, garnering $7.56 million. At the time, it was also the most expensive NFT, but it was shortly toppled by digital artist Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” selling for $69.3 million.

On 29th October 2021, there was a bid of $87.64 placed on CryptoPunk 7804, but it was later withdrawn. A good sign of how high NFT values will climb in the future.

7. CryptoPunk #8857 — $6.63 million

CryptoPunk 8857 was sold for 2000 ETH – $6.63 million in September 2021. Compare that to May 2018, when it sold for only $1,717. CryptoPunk 8857 is one of 88 zombie punks, with its attributes being wild hair and 3D red-and-blue glasses.

The punk is currently owned by address 0xdf37ac. Its owner has not listed it for sale, and there are currently no bids on it.

8. CryptoPunk #5217 — $5.45million

 most expensive cryptopunk ever

CryptoPunk 5217 is one of 24 Ape punks with two distinct attributes. It has a gold chain and a knitted cap. This punk made history as being the most expensive CyberPunk NFT ever sold when it sold for 2,250 ETH, $5.45 million in July 2021. When it was first sold in 2018, it had only fetched about $1800.

9. CryptoPunk #7252 — $5.33 million

CryptoPunk #7252

One of 88 Zombie punks with 3 attributes of having a chinstrap, earring, and crazy hair. On August 24, it sold for 1,600 ETH, $5.3 million. CryptoPunk 7252 is the highest ranking in the Zombie category. The seller had initially bought it for $2.5 million on August 4th 2021, and in a matter of weeks, got to make more than double their investment.

10. CryptoPunk #2338 — $4.37 million

CryptoPunk 2338 is a Zombie punk NFT with a green skin tone, bloodshot eyes, and a thin mohawk. It sold for $4.32 million in August 2021, while in November 2018, it had only sold for $458.

11. CryptoPunk #2140 — $3.76 million

One of the 24 ape punks, CryptoPunk 2140, was bought by Gary Vaynerchuk for 1600 ETH, about $3.7 million. Gary Vee, CEO of VaynerMedia, has been bullish about NFTs.

When he was told he overpaid for the CryptoPunk he said, “I have a lot of empathy for people’s curiosity or cynicism or debate, but I have incredible confidence in this asset. And I’m sure people said the same about a Jackson Pollock painting at some point.” He has his own NFT collection called VeeFriends Series 2, with 48,936 items.

12. CryptoPunk #8888 — $2.87 million

 most expensive nft cryptopunk

CryptoPunk 8888 is one of 3840 female punks. Its attributes are a red mohawk and an eye mask. Currently, it is owned by an unnamed owner address 0x999e77, who has 3 punks in their collection. In its first sale on February 27th, 2021, CryptoPunk 8888 sold for $48,356. 6 months later, in August 2021, it broke records in its second sale by selling at a whopping $2.87 million

13. CryptoPunk #3831 — $2.08 million

CryptoPunk 3831 is also one of 88 zombie punks. It has 3 attributes: vampire hair, big shades, and a medical mask. On 30th July 2021, it sold for 850 Ethereum, $2.08 million. The owner of the punk is Cozomo de’ Medici, who has not listed it on sale, nor are there bids on it.

14. CryptoPunk #6649 — $1.98 million

 most expensive nft cryptopunk

Another one of the Zombie punks, on July 31st, 2021, sold for 810 Ethereum, $1.98 million. It has 2 attributes: a dark front beard and crazy hair. The current owner is 2e675e and has about 384 NFTs.

15. CryptoPunk #6965 —  $1.54 million

 most expensive nft cryptopunk

CryptoPunk 6965 sold for 800 ETH, $1.54 million dollars on February 19th, 2021. It is one of the 24 Ape punks and possesses 1 attribute, which is a Fedora. Currently, the owner is 125112, which is not selling for now, and there are no bids.


The interest and momentum in CryptoPunk NFTs will keep on going for some time. As it is right now, the market is bullish, and it won’t be surprising to have a new list in the next 12 months on the most expensive Cyberpunk NFT ever sold. Most of the punks on this list will probably sell for higher prices.

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