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How to check the rarity of an NFT and tools to use

The concept of checking rarity of NFTs using NFT rarity tools is crucial if you’re seeking to buy NFTs. NFT scams are a huge problem in this new technology, so you must be careful and do your due diligence before purchasing items from an NFT collection. If you don’t, you risk ending up with a worthless NFT and regrets.

NFTs are simply digital assets that live on a blockchain, and they can be incredibly valuable but also worthless. NFT rarity is a significant factor that determines the value of an NFT in a collection and how to price an NFT.

Rarity is derived from the word rare, and it means just that – how rare the specific NFT is. The concept of NFT rarity may be confusing at first, but I promise, it’s actually straightforward.

In this post, I’ll explain the meaning and significance of NFT rarity and show you how to check rarity of NFTs using NFT rarity tools.

What is rarity of NFT?

NFT rarity is a measure of how rare an NFT is in a collection, based on its unique traits. Every NFT is unique and has special traits. NFTs of a specific collection have unique traits but share some similar traits. However, they remain unique because although they have similar traits, the combination of traits is different in each NFT.

Contrary to what you may think when you first look at an NFT rarity tool, you don’t check rarity of NFTs based on a single attribute or trait. Rather, it is determined by how unique the NFT is with a combination of all its traits.

NFT rarity checkers assign a score to each unique trait of NFTs, and these scores are derived from the percentage of NFTs in the collection that possesses this trait. To check rarity of NFTs in a collection, NFT rarity tools then tally the scores with a value, and this value is what you call the rarity of the NFT.

What is rarity rank?

NFT rarity tools assign values to each trait of the NFTs in a collection and then compare the NFTs based on these scores. The NFTs are then ranked according to their scores. The more unique the combination of the NFT’s traits is (i.e., the NFTs with the most uncommon traits), the higher the NFT ranks.

One thing you must know, however, is that the NFT rarity rank doesn’t necessarily correlate with the actual value of the NFT. An NFT ranking at 600 could have the same highest offer as an NFT that ranks at 5000. Where you begin to see tangible differences in value is in NFTs ranked at 100 and above.

For this reason, you mustn’t depend on checking NFT rarity to deduce to real value or asking price of an NFT. NFT rarity is only one factor to consider when valuing an NFC.

How to check NFT rarity

You can check the rarity of an NFT using NFT rarity tools or checkers. NFT rarity tools assign rarity scores to NFTs in a collection, based on the uniqueness of the combination of their traits.

Creators pay a fee to the NFT rarity checker in order to get their collections listed on the platforms and calculate the NFTs’ rarity ranking scores.

Here’s I’ll give you a detailed overview of 2 NFT rarity checkers and how to use them to check rarity of NFTs.

2 best NFT rarity checker tools

1. is a good web application that rates NFTs according to their rarity and ranks them in an easily understandable table. Creators have to pay a fee to this platform in order to get their projects listed and NFT rarities ranked.

This NFT rarity checker adds new collections daily, and you will see the latest collections added right from’ home page. nft rarity checker home page

You may also search for a specific collection or browse all ranked collections by going to All Collections from the menu at the top of window. The dropdown is where you browse or search for NFT collections to check the rarities of their items.

On the page of the NFT collection you choose on, you can find out crucial details of the project and not only the rarity.

bored ape yacht club rarity checker NFT
Bored Ape Yacht CLub NFT rarity tools ranks the NFTs in a collection using their Rarity Scores. Not only by rarity scores can you sort NFTs in a collection. You can also filter between trait rarity, statistical rarity, and average rarity.

To check the rarity of a specific NFT on the collection, click on the NFT, and you will see a pop-up with all the information you need. At the top of this box is the rarity score of the selected NFT.

This window also shows you the various traits of the NFT you wish to check its rarity. For example, I have selected the Bored Ape YC #446 NFT of the Bored Ape Yacht club, and the screenshot below shows its traits based on uniqueness pairs. You can sort out the traits by uniqueness pairs or categories.

bored ape yacht club 446 nft rarity traits
Bored Ape YC #446 NFT rarity

NOTE: evaluates NFT rarity uniquely depending on its collection. Therefore, the rarity rank of a specific NFT only applies to its collection.

You can select an NFT entirely based on its rarity rank, an NFT with the most traits, or attributes that are the perfect match for what you are looking for.

A huge advantage of is that the platform also takes its community input into account when determining NFT rarity.

2. Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper is another popular NFT rarity checker I use to research NFTs before making purchases. The website has a little more projects listed than, and also have an active and engaged Discord communitywhere you can meet fellow NFT lovers and discuss NFT rarities and everything in between.

You don’t have to use the Rarity Sniper website to check NFT rarity because you can do it right from their Discord. Go to a rarity-check channel and look for specific NFTs. To do this, enter your query as follows:

!rarity {NFT Project name} id {NFT ID}

NOTE: In the string above, replace NFT Project name with the actual name of the collection and replace NFT ID with the ID of the NFT.

Checking the rarity of an NFT is also straightforward in Rarity Sniper website. First, visit the Rarity Sniper website and click on NFT Collections on the left-hand menu. Alternatively, click on Search collections below the left-hand menu and find a collection whose NFTs you wish to check rarities of.

nft collections rarity sniper check rank

If you clicked on NFT Collections, it takes you to a page that shows all the listed NFT collections. You can sort the projects alphabetically, by date added, 1, 7 and 30 day volumes, floor price, market cap, or total volume. This page can also show you NFTs based on their blockchain.

The first 5 NFT collections shown on this page are the features projects, and clicking on any redirects you to the official website of the NFT project. To check NFT rarity, click on a project on this page after filtering your search, and this leads you to the dedicated page for the collection.

bored ape yacht club rarity sniper collection
Bored Ape YC collection of Rarity Sniper

This NFT collection page give you an overview of the entire collection. The top of the page shows you how many NFTs are in the collection, the number of owners, the floor price, and total volume. You also see links to the listing on marketplaces, their Discord community, their twitter, and official Instagram.

Select a specific item from the collection, and you will see a popup window showing you the rarity rank of the selected NFT and its traits. This makes it easy to see how the rank is derived.

bored ape yacht club check rarity nft
Bored Ape YC NFT #3953 rarity on Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper ranks NFT rarities through what it calls traits normalization. This means that it assigns higher rarity scores to the most unique traits, and the common traits have lower scores.

The platform computes these scores to determine the final rarity score and rank of a specific NFT. A cool thing about Rarity Sniper is that the creator’s opinion is also a crucial factor that is accounted for when evaluating NFT rarity scores, and not only the traits scores.

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