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All you need to know about the Pixelmon NFT

NFT technology is relatively new, and it has already started to break into many fields of life. From fine art NFTs to music NFTs, we have not seen close to the full potential of this technology.

The Pixelmon NFT aims to be the Pokemon of NFT games. Thus, it raised an incredible $70 million to this effect. The Pixelmon NFT hopes to create an open-world role-playing game (RPG) where players can catch Pixelmon creatures.

Players of this Pixelmon NFT game would not only be able to catch these creatures, but they can also train them, fight them, and sell or buy them as NFTs. The creatures would also have the ability to evolve with time.

In February 2022, Pixelmon developers dropped the Pixelmon NFT collection of 10,000 NFTs. Holders of the Pixelmon NFT are promised real estate in their metaverse, with which the holders can build shops to become in-game merchants or living spaces.

However, things have not gone according to plan for the Pixelmon NFT. When the Pixelmon NFT game launched in late 2021, the Pixelmon creatures that would live in this metaverse have drawn funny criticisms.

Investors in the Pixelmon NFT were told that their creature designs would be beautiful, but the creatures displayed on unveiling the Pixelmon NFT game were far from pleasing to the eyes. The holders and the entire media was in disbelief, and it has birthed memes and jokes on social media.

Is the Pixelmon NFT a scam?

One could accuse the creators of the Pixelmon NFTs of being overambitious (which is not necessarily bad), but their project, the Pixelmon NFT, is not a scam… so far. We have seen NFT scams and rug pulls, where the creators would simply cash out and disappear at this point, but this has not happened with the Pixelmon NFT.

The developers issued a public apology in an Ask Me Anything Discord forum on the Pixelmon Discord channel, over the horrendous NFTs.

I would like to apologize on behalf of myself and Pixelmon for everyone that has been affected by this. When we began this project, we were not thinking it would get as big as this.

Martin AKA ‘Syber’ from the Pixelmon team.

The apology was issued by a Martin who goes by the pseudonym Syber. In a further statement on the Discord channel, Martin revealed the initial plan of the Pixelmon NFT project.

He wrote:

The plan was to use the funding raised from mint to create proper and better models. Our NFTs are updatable and what they look like now is poor quality. We own up to that. They will be made better. We felt pressured to push reveal and the reality is we weren’t ready to push the artwork.

Martin AKA ‘Syber’ from the Pixelmon team.

Martin also blamed the ugly NFTs on pressure to release them early and promised to improve them. One such step is its new partnership with the video game development company Magic Media.

With that said, the Pixelmon NFT is relatively pricey for a collection of 10,000 items.

At the time of writing this article, the Pixelmon NFT collection features 10,000 items held by 5,400 owners, and the floor price is at 0.22.

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